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Lightweight, durable, Eulithe.


Eulithe is a thermosetting rigid polyurethane polymer foam, formulated with very special and sophisticated chemical compositions produced in large-sized blocks, having different densities and offered to the market cut into panels or sheets in different thickness.

The polymer basis of Eulithe® has been known to the market since after World War II. 70 years of continuous evolution has made it one of the most used synthetic products today nowadays.

Established as a Distribution Company of quartz composites in sheets, Eulithe®, a young and dynamic company, first patented and later launched a new rigid polyurethane foam as light support for stone materials and as a structural "core material" for sandwich composites.

In the following years, the technical-commercial development of Eulithe has allowed it to increase its product range so as to acquire new market sectors. In 2008 Eulithe invested in a new continuous production plant in order to meet the increasing demand for its products.


Today, its presence is almost invisible but very diffused in many everyday products in countless forms: insulating material for fridges, pillow stuffing, paints, adhesives, etc.

Up to one of the most recent evolutions discovered and developed by Eulithe®company in the furnishing, building, transport, moulding, energy and nautical fields: structural foam.


Core foam has been used for 50 years in shipbuilding applications for obtaining a lighter hull shape.

Eulithe, thanks to its lightness and other mechanical characteristics, is the ideal core foam to produce sandwiches.

A sandwich consists of two rigid "sheets", which are separated by a foamed core known as "core material"

Engineering techniques teach that flexural resistance is proportional to the cube of the material thickness

The purpose of the "core" in a composite is to improve the sandwich rigidity by increasing the thickness with a small weight addition if compared to a monolithic or metallic structure. In order to achieve this goal, adhesion between the Eulithe® core and the surface sheets has to be perfect for transferring loads and stresses throughout the whole structure.

When sandwich theory applies to Eulithe®, several fields of application become possible.


All types of Eulithe®, in panels or entire blocks, can be easily machined with standard tools to obtain objects of the required dimensions and shapes.

The Eulithe® panels can be easily bonded to various surfaces of different materials, by very easy operations that can be performed according to various techniques and adhesives, thus exalting its use as a "core material".

    Type of recommended adhesives: :

  • 2-fluid-component polyurethane adhesives
  • 2-fluid-component epoxy adhesives in the form of mastic or liquid
  • One-component polyurethane adhesives
  • Holt melt polyurethane (thermal fuse)
  • Two-component acrylic adhesives
  • Cyanoacrilic adhesives
  • Application techniques

Eulithe®, thanks to its peculiar and extraordinary technical properties, is an absolutely innovative and perfect material to be used in various sectors.