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Cartellonistica lato

Advertising boards

Eulithe® is an extremely versatile and durable material. It can be easily milled, engraved, sandblasted, sculpted, painted, gilded, lacquered and veneered, achieving the most varied visual effects in the desired thickness. 
With the proper technical skill and a bit of artistic ability, anyone can produce solutions with a surprising visual impact capable of simulating any type of material at a low cost, reducing at the same time the weight of the finished artefact.

Cartellonistica dettaglio

It is a waterproof material with a high dimensional stability. Bare, varnished or coupled with low-thickness pre-painted aluminium or methacrylate sheets, Eulithe® is an ideal product for the realization of advertising boards for external and internal use.

Eulithe®, thanks to its peculiar and extraordinary technical properties, is an absolutely innovative and perfect material to be used in various sectors.