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Navale lato

Naval sector

The sandwich made of Eulithe® PIR with a double aluminium coating (1 mm thick), for a total thickness of 15 mm, has been certified IMO 653. This result has allowed to use very light panels, which are easy to install, to cover cabins of yachts and large cruise ships. Eulithe® PIR can also offer great advantages in the construction of pleasure ships in glass resin with the resin-bonding, stratification and infusion technique.

Navale dettaglio

Eulithe® has a wide range of applications in the interior and exterior of boats with different densities suitable for the creation of furniture and furnishing elements as well as in the production of ceilings. Furthermore Eulithe® is ideal for the construction of panels in lightweight marble when matched with fibreglass laminates, thanks to its waterproofness and stability with screws.

Eulithe®, thanks to its peculiar and extraordinary technical properties, is an absolutely innovative and perfect material to be used in various sectors.