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Tooling and Style

In the realization of many everyday objects made of plastic, wood or metal, it is necessary to start with moulds that require as many details as possible. For the creation of moulds, there are various technologies: the most usual is the realization of models using ductile, easily workable, light and dimensionally stable materials, such as Eulithe®.

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Eulithe®company produces and sells polyurethane boards with characteristics capable of meeting all the technical requirements of the modelling and style market:

Eulithe is designed to meet all the needs of resistance and workability of each application; it is available in a wide range of densities ranging from 80 up to 500 kg/m³;

Eulithe can be used to make master, style and prototype models for the automotive, aeronautical, naval sectors, etc.;

Eulithe is easy to work with normal wood tools, has a homogeneous and compact surface and excellent dimensional stability;

Eulithe produces chips and reduced dust during processing and is practically odourless;

Eulithe 100, in particular, thanks to its manual workability, can satisfy the most demanding Diorama fans.

Eulithe®, thanks to its peculiar and extraordinary technical properties, is an absolutely innovative and perfect material to be used in various sectors.