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A pleasant revolution has begun in furnishing. New composites with the most different materials can be created to make lighter, more resistant, workable and easier to install pieces of furniture and architectural structures, without changes anything in their appearance. This is possible thanks to Eulithe®: the “core” to fit out! The pleasant revolution consists in the use of Eulithe® coupled with MDF or HPL panels, which allows to work the so obtained composite as if it was a standard chipboard. The use of screws, hooks, hinges etc. and surface finishing remain unchanged compared to traditional woodworking; furthermore, final weight is at least one-third of the traditionally made furniture. For this application, we recommend the use of Eulithe® with a variable density from 80 to 150 kg/m³.

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Another similar application of Eulithe products is the production of panels to be coated with alternative products such as cement, acrylic and PVC materials for the creation of shelves and furnishing accessories for shops. The choice of a specific density obviously depends on the structural needs of the component to be designed. The Eulithe® technical staff is also available to customers to develop projects and creations on customers request, where Eulithe® can prove its unique features, completely enhancing the functionality of the projects themselves.

Eulithe®, thanks to its peculiar and extraordinary technical properties, is an absolutely innovative and perfect material to be used in various sectors.